The Center is organizing Aerobatic Master Classes in form of Aerobatic camps, which we run several times a year in Finland. The uniquness of training is coming from the fact the Master Classes are given by world leading Aerobatic pilots – members of Russian National Aerobatic team. Many of them have achieved highest positions at World and European Championships or have become World and European Champions.

Accommodation, airplane parking, transportation and other info will be given upon the aerobatic camp' location and timing confirmation



We use our brand new EXTRA 330LX (model 2014) for training. 

The training should include 2 test flights on Robert's Aerobatics EXTRA 330LX - one to check the pilot's current level and second to test the development (by the end of training course). Training could be done also on your own airplane. All respective expenses to be taken by an airplane user/owner. 


Victor Smolin,
Main Coach of Russian National Aerobatic Team

Elena Klimovich,
Member of Russian Unlimitted Aerobatic Team

Alexander Krotov,
Member of Russian Unlimitted Aerobatic Team


Schedule for masterclasses in 2017 will be out soon!


Yes, i am interested in your masterclass!

Please provide me with further information.



for further information

Robert Obolgogiani
+359 40 586 6559